This Easy 5 Minute Morning Exercise Will Change Your Life

Despite the fact that we as a whole know how much practicing in the morning is beneficial for us and for our wellbeing just couple of individuals really hone it. We as a whole rationalize that we are living occupied lives and that we barely figure out how to drink our espresso in the morning, however actually we can all different 5 minutes from our rest and spent it on activities.

We advise you to start practicing the following exercise that will change your life completely. The exercise that we are talking about is called Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskara. This 5 minute yoga will give you enough energy for the rest of your day.

Benefits of Sun salutation:

Stimulates the digestive system
Clears your mind of jumbled thoughts
Restores the nervous system
Improves kidney function
Strengthens the immune system
Centers your energy
Reduces fat on the body
Prepares you perfectly for the day
Promotes healthy lungs
Encourages proper posture
In the following video is demonstrated everything that you should do:


This article originally appeared on healthyfoodadvice