4 Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Pain Relief

1. Situated Hip Stretch: Sit and extend you legs before you. Twist your right knee and traverse your straight left leg. Hold your back straight and pull your right knee towards your mid-section. Hold for 30-60 sec. At that point do likewise on the other side.

2. Piriformis Stretch: Lay on your back, twist your knees to place feet level on floor.

Place your right lower leg to your left side knee and force your left thigh towards mid-section. Hold for 30 seconds. Rehash on the other side.

You ought to feel your rear end and lower back extending, which lessens back torment.
3. Self-trigger Point Therapy: Here you can utilize a lacrosse or tennis ball to apply weight on yourlower back.

To begin with find the purpose of torment, place the ball under that point and keep it squeezed against the surge. Hold for 30-60 sec.

At that point movement to another spot.

4. Pigeon Pose: Takea puppy posture. Present your right knee and twist it outward so that your shin istouching the floor. The left knee ought to be extended in reverse. Hold for 5-10 breaths. Rehash on other side.