21 Facts About Left-Arm People You Must To Know This. Last One Surprised Me!

Here comes the million-dollar question- Why some people are left handed? Medical experts aren’t completely sure regarding this question, a research shows a complex relation between environment and genes.


However, there wasn’t any discovery of set of “lefty-genes”, it was shown that there are more left-handed members in the family of a left-handed person. Furthermore, researchers have discovered different wirings in the brain in lefties vs. righties. As a result of the perpetual adaptation to the right handed world, left-handers are usually more independent.

Here are 21 interesting facts about lefties, about which you have probably never heard of before!1

  1. Left-handed people are 5 to 10 percent of the world population.
  2. Lefties have a tendency to become alcoholics.
  3. They are good in a lot of sports such as tennis, baseball, boxing, swimming etc.
  4. Over 40 percent of the top world tennis players are left-handed.
  5. Usually, left-handers are using the right side of their brain. Left-handed people usually reach puberty later, about 5 months later than normally.
  6. Statistics show that left-handed college graduates will probably become 26 percent richer than those who are right-handed.
  7. Four, out of the seven, recent United States presidents were left handed.
  8. The word “left” originates from the Anglo-Saxon word “lyft” which means broken or weak.
  9. Left-handedness has been related as a bad thing, and it was usually seen as a sign of neurosis, rebellion, mark of the devil, nasty habit, homosexuality, criminality etc. It was also related as trait indicating musical abilities and creativity.
  10. As was mentioned above, about 10 percent of the global population are left-handed. But when it comes to rats, cats, and mice, the percent of left and right pawedness is equally split.
  11. If women are regnant in their 40s have 128 percent higher chances of having a left-handed baby than women pregnant in their 20s.
  12. One more interesting fact is that 1 Apollo astronaut, out of 4, had his left hand as the dominant one.
  13. A recent study has found that left-handed people have increased talents in the fields of architecture, spatial awareness, and math, whereas right-handed have more verbal skills.
  14. According one study, left-handers are slightly more prone to asthma and many other allergies.
  15. Statistics show that around 30 million people in the United States are left handed.
  16. August 13th is the Left-Handers Day.
  17. Medical experts discovered that if a left-handed person injures her/his dominant hand, she/he will learn using the other one faster than right-handed people.
  18. Left-handed people are more prone to insomnia.
  19. Left-handers can easily see underwater than right-handers.
  20. According to one study, left-handers process emotions differently than right-handers, and they usually get upset much quicker. John McEnroe is a perfect example of this, as we have seen him being angry many times.
  21.  Another interesting fact is that some of the world’s most wanted killers were left-handed: Jack the Ripper, The Boston Strangles, and Osama Bin Laden.