20 Celebs With Massive Weight Loss Transformations

As the celebrities look like nice, many people think that it is inherited and that they haven’t faced any real life problems. Very often problems that celebrities are facing are weight gain problems, obesity or others. Like many other people, they are also looking for solutions to get rid of such problems. Most of them found a solution hiring a professional trainer, a weight loss regime and a special diet.

Having in mind that many people today share their problems and successes on the social networks, we will offer you to look how some celebrities managed massive weight loss.

  1. Mo’Nique

From the experience that Mo’nique had the most important that people need are to get huge support in order to lose weight. She has got, that support from her family, so she thanks them in every interview.

That is not all that she’s done, in addition, she was following the diet and the weight loss exercise program that made it happen. Her achievement of losing 90lbs weight is thanks to the loss plan that is also available for her fans.

  1. Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis

Zach was asked to cut some pounds for his role in Birdman. The secret how he managed to do it was by ditching alcohol. He decided to stop drinking and the weight falls off.

  1. Wendy Williams

The key for Wendy’s weight loss were Pilates and cardio workouts. Besides exercises, she also stopped eating as much as she did before. The diets that she used to follow hadn’t helped her so, at the end, she decided to stop eating as much. Of course, that was not a starving method, because she still ate three main and two side meals in the day, but in a limited amount.

  1. Michael Moore

The Michel’s weight loss plan was unusual and at the same time very expensive $4,500 per week, so many people can’t afford. His treatment was in a luxury spa for several months. That can be just a dream for many of you, but what Michael suggests is that most people regain their weight because they can return to the previous habits and luxury life, which you cannot afford to yourself.

  1. Star Jones

Star Jones

As Star Jones usually used to say for her appearance, that she is “morbidly obese.” She managed to solve the issue, as she underwent a gastric bypass surgery, which, even saved her life, was kept as a secret for a long time, until she decided to share on Oprah’s show. After the surgery, thanks to the regular workouts and healthy diet, she has kept a relatively healthy life.

  1. Matthew McConaughey

Mathew didn’t have extra fat or pounds, however, his weight was not appropriate for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. He was tasked to cut around 20 kilograms, what he succeed to achieve by getting smarter and finding new ways to entertain himself. So, he started to miss dinners and his main course of dieting was based on chicken meat, eggs and diet coke.

  1. Raven Symone

Even she was a hot lady with 200 lbs., executive producers and directors insisted to Raven to lose some weight since she was young. Trying many different ways of losing weight didn’t do much, but Symone put some self-confidence, looking herself in the mirror and thinking of herself, and now she weighs 135lbs.

  1. Peter Jackson

The method of losing weight is named “Skull Island Diet” by Jackson. The key to his success was switching from burgers to muesli and yogurt. He started his diet in 2006, (when he filmed “King Kong”), but he didn’t exercise during that period. The results were seen but he recommends physical activity for better results.

  1. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne

Her key of success was having fun while losing weight. Her program was created of 30 minutes of cardio workout every day, and her favorite exercise was the hula hoop. As a fun, the hula hoop helped her to prepare for the hard work she had to put in.

  1. Drew Carey

Drew succeeded to lose 85 pounds for 9 months because he was having problems with diabetes. After his weight loss, he has been able to control his illness without any medication.

  1. Jill Scott

Another celebrity that had fun while losing weight was Jill Scott. She put in some work practising boxing in the boxing arena to lose weight. Even for the majority of people, boxing is a favorite sport, it is actually great for women, too.

  1. Chris Hemsworth

The famous actor Chris Hemsworth, known as the mighty Thor, guarding of Asgard, even he was the muscular guy in that movie, in 2015 he was asked to lose weight. He managed to do it with boiled eggs, some crackers and celery sticks. Well, if you think you are up for it, go for it.

  1. Janet Jackson

Janet didn’t make any limit in her diet and she was eating everything she could find. As a result of this, she gained weight and lost her slim body. In order to come back to reality, she faced a big trouble. From the beginning, she was not seeing results, so she continued to follow a regular diet with four to five meals, but smaller portions. The results eventually came, and she managed to lose 60 pounds in four months.

Her secret of success was that the portions needed to be enough to satisfy her hunger and keep her moving.

  1. Al Rocker

Another celebrity that had to go under the knife in order to get his pounds down is Al Roker. His success was not only because of the surgery, he has been following a low carb diet, as he hardly decided that he will never allow himself to be fat again.

  1. Snooki

Your best motivator when it comes to weight loss can be Snooki, who lost 50 lbs. just months after giving birth. She encourages everyone to do it, using her case as a motivation for all who want to lose weight.

  1. Randy Jackson

Randy is another of the celebrities that had gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight. After the surgery, he shed 100 pounds and he was constantly trying to maintain the streamline body figure.

  1. Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot

After the warning of doctors that Missy could suffer a stroke if she stayed in the same shape she took it seriously and put herself in some drastic work. Besides the limited fried foods, bread and sugar, she hired also a private professional trainer.

  1. Matthew Fox

For many of celebrities in Hollywood losing weight for a movie, role happens usually. Because of the role of Alex Cross a serial killer, Matthew had to do it. His key of success to cut weight was with circuit training, which is one of the best methods for losing weight and building muscles. His hard work from an exercise to an exercise without any breaks, was a great example how it can be done.

  1. Jessica Simpson

The magic number for Jessica is the number five, so her diet is called five, too. She had five small meals six days in the week during the period of five weeks.

While following this diet, she performed in 25 minutes (5×5) of cardio workout each day.

  1. Josh Peck

One of the best examples that you can lose more than 100 pounds without a surgery is exactly Josh Peck. The most important are to be dedicated to the required plan and lots of hard work.

His key of success was by employing healthy diet and some workout and very soon after, he hired a private trainer to help him. The main change that he made was a substitution of soda with freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits.

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